you know you live on a farm when...


though it has been a while, I felt it best to NOT ease back into the blog-o-sphere but to jump right in...with both here ya go!

how do you know when you live on a farm, or just out in the 'ole country??? 

when you find this...

what is that you ask??? is a snake!  a snake that got caught in a glue trap!  not only are they good for spiders and other little critters that try to get into the 'ole farm house, but they are snake catchers too.  sweet!

oh, you want a better shot...well here you go...

what did I tell ya???  pretty gross huh?
well, such is life out here in the sticks.  but no matter how many snakes, spiders or creepy crawly things i find in my glue boards...I still LOVE it out here and wouldn't change a thing! 
the air is cleaner and clearer.  the grass, brom and alfalfa are intoxicating.  the peace and quiet is addictive and the privacy is priceless.  I will die here! 
as I end this post I apologize for those I may have offended with such gross pictures of snakes, spiders and a dirt, but that is how we roll out here in the country...and we wouldn't have it any other way!
peace and love to ya'll!