kidding does and bottle babies...

Life on the farm has been non-stop

My two does kidded within one week of each other.  I knew *Bling* was pregnant, because when we bought her we were told she was, and I had suspected *Cookie* might be pregnant, but I wasn't sure.  I wasn't sure that is until 5:00 AM on March 4 when I was walking hubby out to his car as he headed into work and we both heard a baby goat cry.  We both froze dead in our tracks, ran to the doe pen and low and behold...more kids!  So all in all, we had two does kid, eight kids born and five survived.  Within a one week time span we went from two goats, to seven.  Needless to say, it has been non-stop around here.  Non-stop but so much fun! 

 (what child doesn't like waking to a kitchen full of goats?)
Three of the five kids are bottle babies, and for those of you who don't know what those are, they are exactly what they sound like they are.  The are fed from a bottle, they do not nurse off their mother. 
(helping daddy bottle feed "Buffy")
It is not uncommon to have bottle babies, and even though bottle babies are usually very friendly and personable, they require a lot of work!  Two of the bottle babies are *Bling's* and the remaining bottle baby is *Cookie's*.  They stay in a big crate in the house at night, but spend the days in the pen with the does (female goats), and the other two kids (doelings). 

(these are my dam-raised doelings)

Since this is my first time with kidding goats I did my best to read up and have my necessary equipment put together in case they needed help.  Fortunately for me, both of my does had kidded before so knew what to do.  Thank goodness!

So after a few crazy-insane weeks, a few bumps and bruises I am happy to introduce...