because simple IS better...

so it has officially been 15 days since we moved here and we love it more now then we did before.  we are still unpacking, hubby thought it would be in my best interest if he only allowed me (lovingly of course) one box at a time, to open and put away.  if he left me to my own discretion...i would have 15 different boxes open, all half empty and packing wrap everywhere...he knows me sooo well.

all in all it has gone really well, just still a lot of work to do because it is important for me that everything has a place and everything has a purpose.  if one of the two are goes in the donations/garbage pile. 

i have been really working the last month on simplifying and minimizing my possessions.  i realize that even though i am not one of those hoarders you see on the television show, i have a tendency to hold on to things, 'just in case,' i might one day need them.  i know that many of you are the same which isn't a bad thing per se, but for me, i have decided that unless it serves a purpose, and on a frequent basis, i don't need it.  i must admit that at times i struggled getting rid of things due to emotional or sentimental value.  in that case i have to remind myself that they are just objects and that i hold a greater value you for them in my mind and in my heart, and in that case i don't necessarily need to hold on to the item itself to relive those memories. 

on a much more positive note, purging and simplifying has been a very freeing experience.  i had no idea the bondage and chains i allowed my possessions to have on me.  i love seeing bags of clothes or toys or nick knacks be given to someone else whom can appreciate and love them in whatever capacity they see fit.  after i finish going through my stuff, i then plan on purging and simplifying the girl's stuff. 

babies don't need 53 onsies or 34 dresses.  they don't need 108 toys and 81 books.  teens don't need 17 different shades of nail polish, four types of nail polish remover along with 77 different tank tops and shirts.  it is my goal to teach the girls the importance of living light and living simple.  i want them to spend their time traveling (if they see fit),  visiting friends and family all throughout the united states while making memories along the way.  i have decided that both the girls will get a good but sturdy camera so they can save and cherish these memories, and i don't want them bogged down with 'things' and 'items.'  i want them to live their lives freely, minimally and chain-free.  we as a society base so much of our self-worth on things that we own, and not only do i NOT agree with that, i feel for those who really believe that. 

with all that said let me say this...please don't think that this is a self-righteous, holier-then-though moment because it is far from it.  i don't judge others and the way they choose to live their lives.  i have made the choice to live simple.  i have come to realize that by living this way i never feel the need to 'keep up with the jones's' or even find the need to have all the newest and coolest gadgets.  i believe that simple living is in the eye of the beholder and just because i choose to rid myself of something doesn't mean you should.  you might be in a different season of life which requires you to hold on to certain things because they serve a certain purpose.  simplicity isn't a's a way of life and the simpler i live, the less stress i feel, and for me...that is what matters. 

so with all that said my new motto's are such...

simple is better


if one comes MUST go out!  {this last one really helps me to stay grounded and focused on my goals}

since i have scaled down my wardrobe/shoes i enjoy walking into my closet and getting dressed.  i never feel as i have nothing to wear, quite the opposite.  i feel like there is so much to work with since i can visually see everything right in front of me. 

"this shirt can go with these pants, or these shorts or even with this skirt.  this skirt goes with this shirt and that shirt.  these shorts match everything so we are good to go!!!"

anyhow, we are headed into town later on this morning, so for now this mama/wife has to get off the computer and get breakfast going.

peace and love to you all on this lovely but very hot sunday morning!
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