trampolines, basketball hoops and being thankful...

This past weekend has been a very busy one for us. 

Saturday was 'disbudding' day for the kids...not fun but a necessity for me.  After the 'disbudding' it was a mad dash back home to shower and get ready for yet again another Young Living essential oil class.  I have come to LOVE these classes.  These classes are given by a local distributor whom is as passionate about natural/holistic healing as I am.  These classes have also given me the opportunity to meet some other like-minded mama's in the is such a blessing.  Praise God!

While at the class, the boys picked up a trampoline that the girls are allowing us to borrow and they spent the afternoon putting it up...

cleaning it off...

and last but definitely not least...jumping.

Moments like this melt my heart.  :) 

And as is par for the course, Sunday was another day filled with work.  Sunday's job was get the hoop up.  Once again the girls pulled through and got us a hoop...for free! 

I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of them actually putting the hoop up, but I did get a few of the aftermath.  As you can see, everyone had a great time...

...even the dogs. 

When beloved and I moved here we knew that we wanted a house in the country.  We wanted land, animals and space.  We wanted the kids and the grand kids to be able to ride four-wheelers, play paintball and run free.  Through commitment, determination and patience all those things we longed for have begun to happen.  Even though there is so much more we want to do on the property, we never lose sight of what He has blessed us with. 

Peace and love to you all

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