an answer to prayer, plus a little hard work...

So if you haven't been to my fb page then you might not be aware of this but we just had an answer to prayer the other day.

Hubby and I had been wanting to add to our flock of hens, but just didn't have the finances for it.  We were looking for hens that were already laying, but that weren't too old.  A very dear friend of mine, a fellow hippie farmer up the street knew of a lady wanting to get rid of her current flock due to their decrease in egg production.  With absolutely no hesitation I told her 'YES!'

For those of you who are unaware of this, this is very normal in chickens.  This process is called "molting" and it happens every winter.  The days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler and that is a sign to chickens that it is time to renew their feathers, by loosing the ones they currently have.  It is also very common that during the "molting season" that chickens quit laying eggs.  Some chickens quit completely until molting/winter is over, and some still produce, but very little.  This can be discouraging to a first time chicken owner, such as myself because I like fresh farm eggs and hate to loose them for any amount of time. 

If you notice in nature, all 'living' things need a break, even Mother Earth.  Plants, insects and animals all go through different types of 'changes.'  Whether it be a change in their coat, like with dogs, or dormant like many plants and trees, all of these 'changes' serve a purpose.  The same happens with chickens when they molt.  They get a much needed 'break,' and since I am not one to change the natural cycle of things, I just do what I can to help them during this time.  I up their protein in their diet and make sure they always have clean water, which I do regardless.  During spring and summer they free-range and eat all the bugs they can stuff in their beaks, when winter rolls around the 'bug' population drops, hence the protein in their natural diet drops significantly.  So by making a few 'tweeks,' like sprouted grains to their diet and allowing them to do what it is that they do, naturally, they will be back to their normal, egg-laying selves before we know it. 

So long story short, the 13 hens we just received, for free mind you will require some work, some TLC and some time, but with patience and perseverance I have no doubt that this answer to prayer will be just answer to prayer.  These birds will provide us with protein packed, organic, free-range eggs that not only nourishes our bodies but the bodies of our friends and families. 

Wishing you all a wonderful day and last but not least...

Peace and love to you all!
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