i give tattler lids two thumbs up!

So I have been wanting to try Tattler Lids for my canning for a while now.  A week or so ago when I was in the local grocery store here in our little town I saw that they started carrying them.  Since I am a big fan of the wide mouth jars, and they had the Tattler Lids for the wide mouth jars, I didn't hesitate to grab a box of 12 ct for $5.99.  Not bad right?  For those of you not lucky enough to grab them up at that price, you can always find them here (affiliate link) too.

Fast forward to a couple weeks later when I finally got around to canning some homemade organic honey sweetened applesauce and viola, good to go!

There was no real "trick" to it other then making sure that the lids were on the jars correctly and that the rings weren't screwed on too tight.  I did have a few that didn't seal properly, but it was due to the lids not being centered on the jar correctly.  I didn't have to reseal them because applesauce doesn't last long in this house, so I just popped them in the fridge, needless to say...they are gone!

So long story short...I love them, I think they are great and most importantly...they are reusable, which makes this Hawaiian hippie farmer, very happy.

Peace and love to you all!
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