battle wounds, bucks and eSSential oiLs

so it wasn't long before someone got hurt...

at some point in time the boys were rough housing and I *think* that Milo's horn got Sax during one of their many pushing/butting matches.  beloved called me over to their pen yesterday to show me and at the time I tried to get a picture, but getting a picture that of a goat that IS NOT blurry is like trying to get a picture of my daughter sitting just doesn't happen.
fortunately for me, when I went out this afternoon to check their water and the rest of the critters on the farm, I was able to reapply my own blend of essential oils and get a picture. 
the blend itself isn't much...just a few drops of lavender and frankincense mixed with a carrier oil...
(obviously this label was from an earlier batch, I did not use olive oil this time around but grapeseed oil)
but believe me when I tell works!  I had to use it on one of my hens a few months back because she was being 'pecked on' by the others.  after a few applications, some time to heal, and plenty of TLC...she was back with the rest of the hens and doing fine. 

so for those that want to know I think the recipe is something like this...

2-3 drops of lavender
2-3 drops of frankincense
2 T grapeseed oil (though any carrier oil would work I assume, even olive oil, which I have used before with great results)
1oz glass amber bottle with dropper

I measured the carrier oil in first and then added the essential oils.  I am not real big on exact measurements, especially when I am just throwing things together, so if you put in an extra drop or leave an extra drop out, no biggie.

I put a drop on my finger and apply it that way since he like to move so much.  I apply it at least once a day. 

I got the bottles/droppers here and my carrier and essential oils here.  I have used YL essential oils also with great results. 

oh I almost forgot...this picture is of Sax after his second application (day two).  I know you can't tell, but his battle wound already looks better as compared to yesterday.

anyhow, I will keep you updated on Sax's progress but until then...

peace and love to you all!

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