when pets are sick...

So the other day beloved and I noticed that one of our dogs wasn't acting quite right.  We couldn't pinpoint it exactly, but he just acted and looked different.  We did a 'once over' and didn't see anything that stood out nor that explained his odd behavior. 

This morning I noticed him licking the same spot on his paw, over and over.  I took my recently made salve outside, thinking he might need some.  After examining his paw and seeing nothing, I was about to head back inside when low and behold...I noticed his ear hanging 'funny.'  I reached over and pulled it up...OH MY GOODNESS.  he had a huge wound in his ear, but it was so covered with pus and hair, I couldn't figure out EXACTLY what caused the wound. 

after putting on some latex gloves, grabbing my trusty essential oils and a few other natural/holistic remedies I headed back outside. 

I tried my best to clean it, but between the pain it was causing him and all the other animals wanting to 'see' what was going on, I had no choice but to bring him inside.  After some coaxing with some homemade chicken broth (yes I spoil my kids, especially when they are sick) and then 'helping' him inside, I was finally able to get a good look at it.

I will refrain from posting the picture that I took because it is gory gross.  Bleh! 

The keiki insisted on being right in the mix of it all, as you can tell...

but before she headed up for her afternoon nap she made sure he had someone to watch over him.

I think she might be a vet in training don't you?  :)

The rest of the *gang* couldn't quite figure out what was going on, but they sure were curious!

After a few more 'cleanings' of the yucky ear and multiple applications of oils and what-not, he went out for a little bit, but that didn't last long.  His pathetically sad face and droopy eyes stung his mama's heart and I let him back in. 

After some more chicken broth and some much needed water, mama cleaned him up a little more and here he sits, napping and healing...hopefully.

I will keep you all updated.

peace and love to you all...
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