meet the latest additions to the farm...

say hello to bling, our pregnant Nigerian dwarf doe.  she is very affectionate, she loves to eat and loves to chew...on everything!  she is due sometime in early march...we are so excited!

and this is cookie dough aka cookie.  she is our 'milker.'  she just kidded 3 months ago, hence her milk,  and I plan to breed her again after the first of the year.   

my first time milking her, which was Friday afternoon went rather well. 

no kicking...

no biting...

a little awkwardness for the both of us, but all in all...I was very pleased with the outcome.  2 thick and creamy cups of raw goat milk!  heaven!

the girls are adjusting to life here on the farm, and have already won everyone over.

do you have goats?  if so, which ones and why?
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