when pets are sick..update


as i blogged about previously, one of our dogs had an injury to his ear a little while back if you would like to know more you can read all about that here.

after some much needed rest and some special TLC from his mama I am happy to say that he is back to his ole' self.

he responded very well to the oils especially the thieves and carrier oil blend that i applied.  after a few more applications that day, that evening it looked so much better.  i followed up with the thieves blend the following morning but by mid-day I began applying my trusty calendula infused oil...he responded to that wonderfully.  the next few days I applied the calendula oil and nothing else.  his healing continued and my astonishment to his rapid healing was noticed by all.


I took another look at it yesterday, which would have made it exactly one week since the oils were applied and it is doing great.  he does have one big scab, but it is getting smaller by the day. 

i am so thankful for oils, herbal infusions and the bodies phenomenal ability to heal... 

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