diY homeMade lotion bars...

So the other day I ran across this recipe for lotion bars from Katie@wellnessmama

I just recently subscribed to her blog and am so looking forward to receiving her blog posts via email. 

As you can tell, the recipe itself if fairly easy and doesn't take much work.  THANKGOODNESS!

I made these on Wednesday and let them sit overnight.  I tried them last night after my shower and I love them, as does farmkeiki!  They will make great gifts and there is something about homemade products that makes this mama so happy.

I look forward to making more and to adding my own scent blends. 

I can honestly say that we will NOT be going back to the chemical-laden lotions that we have used in the past.  These bars were made with all organic products and very few products at that.

I strongly recommend these bars and I would love to hear about your experience with them.

Peace and love to you all!
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