LeArN the HERB!

(just a few of my herb books.  most, if not all of them I ordered from amazon.)

Since living on one income can sometimes be very 'trying' I think it is important as wife and mother to find ways to be frugal, but yet still effective.  When building up a farm/homestead like we are, money has a tendency to just VaNish!  I don't really know where it goes, I think it is a magical farm FaiRy that makes constant withdrawals from our very limited funds.  :)

Okay, enough joking around.  Let's get serious with this HerB stuff.

Plants have been around since God created the earth.  It hasn't been until recently that I have truly begun to appreciate their beauty and their purpose.  Herbs/medicinal herbs are all around us, and it is awesome!

Before we had these big pharmaceutical companies pushing every OTC medication at us that they can, how did people treat illnesses or injuries?  Very simply put...herbs, tinctures, poultices and salves.  In biblical times oils and spices were used, as they still are today.

I am a HUGE believer in natural and holistic healing.  I can't say that there isn't a place for Western medicine in our world today, as it has saved many lives, I just think that the more natural/holistic approach is best and should be used first, if possible. 

With that said I wanted to urge you to start learning.  Pick up a book at your local library or your local book store and just start slow.  Pick something you or a loved one might suffer from and research it. 

For example...headaches.  I like to use peppermint essential oil for my headaches.  I drop a few drops in the palm of my hand, rub it in and then cup my hands over my mouth and nose.  I take a few deep breaths through my nose and within seconds my headache is usually gone.  I can't say that it works EVERY SINGLE time, but I would say 98% of the time it does.  Also, it does depend on what your headache is from.  If it is due to lack of water, then drink water.  If it is due to lack of eating...then eat.  I know I am making lite of it, but I have experienced first hand the benefits of a more natural approach and I love it!  I also know that some people swear that by drinking peppermint tea helps with headaches...I have not tried this, but I plan to next time I feel a headache coming on. 

So I encourage you to learn, educate and apply your knowledge.  The more we learn to rely on our natural surrounds for health and better living, the less reliant we are on others.  Not only that, but I can not even begin to explain the sense of accomplishment and freedom one experiences when self-healing is obtained. 

Be warned though...once you begin to educate and apply all this herbal knowledge???  You can't help but tell everyone about it.  It is very addicting!!!  To know that you can heal an aliment with what you have growing in your garden or what you have in your spice cabinet is very you have been warned!  :)

By taking back our health, we take back our life, and that to me is what learning is all about!

Peace and love to you all~
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