mEET the boyS!

when I told beloved that I wanted goats, this is NOT what I had in mind...

meet Sacks.  a 7 month old pygmy goat who felt the need to yell at his mama (moi) because she wouldn't let him and his brother, Milo, out of their pen.  remember kids, this is what happens when you yell at your get your head stuck!

both of the boys were bottle babies which usually means that wherever you go...they THEY think.  they are typical brothers.  fighting, butting and yelling.  though you can not see it, BOTH are missing their left horn, well it isn't missing per se but whomever tried to disbud them when they were kids...failed...miserably!  so not only do I have two rowdy, unruly bucks...but they are in rut!  PERFECT!!! 

even though I tried to convince beloved that this was not a good idea...I was overruled.  between their living conditions, the owners inability to care for them properly and beloved's connection with animals...I never stood a chance. 

so off we head down the freeway with these two STINKY bucks in our car.  though they were in a big crate, it did nothing to mask their smell.  ugh!

we get them home and that is when the fun begins.  the escaping, the jumping of fences, the running from the donkey and my personal favorite...the jumping on the hood of my car.  it didn't take beloved long to realize that his idea of keeping them in with a hot wire was NOT going to work!!!

after a trip (or two) to menards, a few late nights and some very early mornings...their pen was finished...well finished enough for them to live in.  we still have some finishing touches to do, like a door, but other then that we should be good.

next project...find them some does!



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