cream cheese anyone???

well hello there fellow farmers/homesteaders!  i hope you all had a rockin' weekend.  we had some great weather here and believe me when i tell you, we took full advantage of it, but that is for another post. 
one thing i did do this weekend that brought me to giggles was...make my very own homemade cream cheese, from yogurt.
please believe me when i tell you that homemade cream cheese is ridiculously easy to make.  all you need is...
some yogurt
a cheese cloth, or in this case a poor man's cheese cloth
a bowl to catch the whey...and that is it!
nice right?  anyhow this is how i did it.  i took some of my cultured yogurt and poured it into this silver strainer.  let me back up.  i lined the inside of the strainer with coffee filters, since i didn't have a cheese cloth or a tea towel, and then i poured the yogurt in...
then i placed the strainer in the blue bowl (pictured below). there was a 1-2 inch gap from the bottom of the strainer to the bowl.  in this gap is where my whey dripped from (sorry no pic).  it is very important that the whey be allowed to drip from the yogurt as it sits.
(my poor man/no cheese cloth yogurt set-up)
i covered the strainer with a clean dish towel and left it on the counter until i went to bed.  i then moved it into the fridge, and left it over night.  in the morning i woke up to cream cheese! 
i carefully scrapped it off the coffee filters and put it in a glass jar.  i then took the whey which was sitting in the blue bowl and put that in a glass jar.  not to sure what i will use my whey for, but you can find all kinds of good uses for it here.
so needless to say, this is one less thing i will be buying at the grocery store and one more thing i will be making myself.  learning things like this makes me super happy because it is one step closer to self-sufficiency and most importantly i know exactly what is in it.
now if i can just find a good gluten-free bagel recipe then i will be set!
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peace and love to you all!

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