diaper stripping...

so for those that don't know, i cd, otherwise known as cloth diaper.  i really don't remember what about cloth diapering peaked my interest, but something did.  maybe it was the fact that they are super cute and something about a big, fluffy bum, i find adorable.  plus i am a pretty big fan of green/natural living so anything i can do to cause less trash/pollution on our lovely planet, i am all for!    
anyhow, this last weekend was shall i say...not so pretty.  we have had a few good days here in the ole' bible belt so i assumed that the gorgeous weather would continue.  boy was i wrong! 
horrible winds, rain and snow kept us in most of the weekend.  beloved was trying to finish the pole barn for our jennett, but due to the nasty weather, he had to put it on hold. 
so on to my post...for as long as i have been cding, i have NEVER had to strip my diapers, i didn't think i needed to.  once again, i was wrong.  i noticed that i was having issues with leakage and what not so i decided to strip them.  in a nut shell stripping is just washing them over and over again until there are no bubbles in the water, oh i almost forgot, you wash them but without soap.  some people say throw a little dawn dish soap in, but i didn't.
i remember reading on other blogs to look out for 'the bubbles.'  if there were bubbles in the water then you had detergent build-up and stripping was necessary. 
guess what i had...

yep you guessed it...bubbles!  believe it or not these inserts were "clean" or so i thought.  it took a good 3-4 washes to get all the bubbles out. 

after they were done stripping i had hoped that the weather would have improved and i could hang them on my clothes line.  WRONG AGAIN!  rain and kansas winds put a stop to that plan.  so what is a crunchy, babywearing mama supposed to do???

she hangs them on her inside drying rack.  she crams as many of them on there as she can and she places them facing the sun, or what sun there is that day.

the took longer for the diapers to dry obviously, but i was pleased to spend the next 30 minutes the following morning stuffing my diapers. 

so the morale to the story is this...when life hands you lemons, or rain and wind, make an inside clothes line, while watching disney movies with your kids, while drinking tea!

other then the yucky weather and our little keiki getting sick, we had a pretty mellow weekend.

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peace and love to you all!


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