to school lunch or not to school lunch, that is the question...

for those of you who have children in the public school system you know that the lunches that they offer/serve the children are TERRIBLE!  no nutritional value, filled with yucky fats, dyes, hfcs and preservatives i can't even say let alone spell.  it is enough to drive a mama cRaZy! 

rest assured that there are other like-minded mama's out there who have spent oodles of time improving and fighting for healthier lunches.  for those schools unwilling to change their menus for the welfare of our children, mama's like you and me have devoted time in the kitchen improving school lunches along with making them funner. 

check out some of these fun lunches by lisa at 100 days of real food...

Whole-grain (ak-mak brand) crackers, havarti cheese slices, strawberries, carrots, and hummus (for dipping)

Homemade tomato bisque, fruit mix (kiwi/apple/cantaloupe), a cold grilled cheese sandwich, and some water

Popcorn, applesauce, carrots, berry/yogurt/spinach/banana smoothie pop, and a whole-grain zucchini muffin

aren't they adorable? 

they are so cute and most importantly so healthy. 

i just adore lisa's blog because she is a woman after my own heart.  i love her cute little decorations and inventive ways to pretty up her daughters lunches.  i recently purchased the norpro silicone ice pop makers from amazon which you can find here.  i have the silicon muffin liners on my wish list through amazon and hope to get them pretty soon.  you can find the muffin liners on amazon here.  i have purchased the ziploc divider lunchboxes, but it wasn't from amazon.  i was visiting family in az and stumbled across a killer deal, 2 for $2.99 so i snatched up 4 of 'em!  if you can't find them in your local walmart or grocery store you can buy them from amazon here. 

please check out lisa's blog because i just totally rocks! 

last but not least, i stumbled across this cool idea for lunches on carole's blog at my kitchen escapades.

how cheap, inventive and cool is this idea!  i am so jealous that i can't think things like this up...maybe one day.

anyhow, i hope you go and check out these ladies blogs.  they are filled with awesome information and great ideas! 

until next time my friends.

peace and love to you all!
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