our week...inSTAGram styLe

(so apparently i thought i posted this blog post, but i guess i didn't.  i wrote this earlier this week, but oh well.  better late then never right?)
welcomE back!  i hope all of you had a FABulous week/weekend.  we have been uber busy here in the farm.  beloved is building a pen for our donkey!  i have taken pictures of its progress but pictures just don't do it justice. 
anyhow, i thought i would post some pics that i had taken during the week via inSTAgram and picstiTch.  hope you like.

 starting from left to right...

1.  this precious b/w was a self-portrait taken by none other then my girls.  aren't they just the most beautiful things?  yay, i think so too.  2.  next, my medications necessary to move along the miscarriage that we recently suffered.  i had not only medication to speed up the process, but that medication makes one nauseous so i was given anti-nausea medication along with pain medication.  blah!  i hated every minute of the wretched process, but am thankful that is over, physically anyway.  more on that i another post.  3.  lower left is rah-rah outside with daddy watching him work on the pen. 

1.  my farm boots.  lovE theM with a capital L!  2.  my super cool emerGency EssentialS magazine that i meticiously thumb through for days on end.  i ordered some stuff, but was bummed to find out that the things i REALLY wanted were on back order.  yuck!  3.  the very beginning of the donkey pen.  a little side note here, my hubby totaLLY ROCKS! there is nothing this guy can't build.  4.  something else i love...stacks of firewood ready to be burned.  something about this picture makes me grin from ear-to-ear.  does anyone else feel that way when they see firewood or is it just me?
i had another little collage of pics that i intended to add to this post, but for some reason blogger is not cooperating right now, so i shall end it here.
peace and love to you all!

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