sOURdougH swEETness...

(pic of my sourdough starter chillaxin' in a crock on the stove top)
so i am a pretty big fan of whole/real foods.  my family and i are slowly on a journey, they just don't know it yet, to incorporate more real/whole foods and in the process rid ourselves and our home of processed foods.  we all know the hidden dangers/poisons in processed foods but did you know for example that autoimmune diseases are linked to the consumption of processed foods?  and since i suffer from an autoimmune disease, i can't ignore what is right in from of me right?  right!

so our first step, which we have done before, is to incorporate sourdough in our diets.  for those of you who don't know much about it, i insist you go to here and read/sign up for her ecourse.  i have done it and i loved it!

i have made just about everything in the book, and every recipe is awesome, just ask my family.  today i made a double batch of the sourdough tortillas and tomorrow i will be making a double batch of the crepes. 

here is a pic of my sourdough starter after having been fed hours prior. 

do you see all the bubbles?!?!  sweet right? 
anyhow, this is one step towards eating healthier and becoming more self-sufficient.  what have you done this week to contribute to greater self-sufficiency? 
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