for the love of GREEN!

so i have recently embarked upon another natural/green journey, and that journey/adventure is...juicing!  i have always enjoyed a good green smoothie, but i had never dabbled in juicing.  i heard great things about it, but i never really got into it.  i watched Hungry for Change the other night on Netflix and boy let me tell got me thinking.

if i wanted to get healthy, to get clean, and to get my disease under control, i would have to change EVERYTHING about what i eat, drink, put on my sink and so on and so on.  if i wanted to heal, and to live a long, drug-free life, i had to make some changes, and they had to be aggressive and immediate. 

hence, the title of this post.  i decided to take the plunge and after watching and reading multiple success stories of juicers and the incredible benefits experienced by those who do it, how could i not try?  one such great inspirational story is Kriss Carr's.  you can read all about Kris and all her awesome work here.  there are thousand others but for the sake of every one's sanity, i will stop there.

onto the juice...

so i had never made juice before and after scouring the grocery store shelves looking for the cleanest fruits and veggies, and after searching through Kris's book to get some recipes i was ready.  after a few trials and errors with the juicer that i had never used i figured it out.  messy...yes!  lots of chopping and peeling...yes!  worth bet!  my first juice was a spin off of Kris's green juice recipe.  i didn't have some of the things she used, so i replaced them with what i had on hand.  i made it, poured it into my trusty mason jar, put on my lid and got to drinkin'. 

it rocked!  i loved it!  so did the keiki!

needless to say, i have been juicing the last few mornings and i love it!  i haven't noticed any MAJOR changes in health/sleeping, but i hope i do soon.  

i hope that by putting in more good stuff, that i will begin to heal from the inside out and hopefully, one day, get off my medication.

so why don't you join me, join me in the green revolution.  the revolution of eating and drinking good, organic, wholesome food.  rid your home and your body of the crap that the advertising industry tells us we need start a garden, plant a fruit tree in your yard, start composting and allow the earth and soil to heal and then allow it to heal you. 

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peace and love to you all

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