overcast skies and onions...

so even with cloudy skies and a chilly breeze beloved and i headed back outside yesterday to get a second tilling done on the garden.  before the tilling actually began i sprinkled organic compost, which i purchased at a local nursery, all throughout the garden. 

once that was done, the tilling began.

as beloved tilled,  i spent time raking and leveling everything out.  i didn't take a picture of it right after the tilling/leveling off, but oh-well.
anyhow,  after realizing that i couldn't plant in a straight row without some guidance, beloved quickly threw something together for me, hence the extension cord and t-posts.
don't laugh!  it was harder then i thought to evenly space out and make straight.  i have lots to learn!
after planting 4 rows of onion sets, we had to call it a day.  the weather was getting worse and we were starving. 
before we could clean up, i had to properly water the onions i had just planted.  little did i know that i hadn't left myself a visual clue as to where i had JUST planted.  dang it!  beloved took mercy on me, helped me find my planted onions and then hammered in a few sticks in, in order to help his beginner wife refocus.  he joked and told me that the sticks reminded him of tombstones for a family pet.  i smiled and agreed.
after a quick clean up, we headed inside and called it a day.  i couldn't believe how tired i was from just the little work i had done.  whoever called homesteading easy living had no idea what they were talking about.
fingers crossed that we are seeing the end to the cold/frost mornings here in kansas.  i have more seeds and plants to get going!
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peace and love to you all!

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