kale chips!

not too long ago i was introduced by a very dear group of friends, kale chips.  i had heard about them but thought nothing of actually making them.

one afternoon a few months back i was at a 'play date' with the keiki and one of the things that we had were kale chips.  i loved them and so did the lil' one.  they are soooo easy to make it is disgusting. 

keep in mind every one's recipe varies but this is mine...

2-3 bunches of kale (organic preferably)
olive oil (you can use other oils like vegetable or coconut, but i found that i like the olive oil the best)
sea salt
seasonings of your choice (optional)

wash the kale and then pull the leaves off the stem.  i put my leaves in a big bowl and then decide if i want them smaller.  if i do, i just pull them apart more or i use my kitchen scissors, either one is fine.  on a side note, remember that the leaves do shrink a bit when baking so take that into consideration.

i then drizzle olive oil over the leaves and then use my hands to mix it.  i like to make sure all the leaves are lightly coated. 

add the sea salt, liberally, and then once again use your hands to mix it all up.  at this time you can add any other seasonings you like, just make sure to mix real well.

dump the leaves on your baking stone, or parchment lined cookie sheets, place in preheated oven at 350 for 20-30 minutes. 

i set my timer for 25 minutes and then i just check every few minutes after my timer goes off. you want them darker and very crispy.

when done, just pull from oven and enjoy!

i like to make big batches of these and then store them in a mason jar to snack on throughout the day.

i really hope you try to make these because not only are they super nutritious but they are super yummy!

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peace and love to you all!

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