the prepper's cookbook...get it!

i first learned about Tess a few months ago when i stumbled across her website.  i liked what i saw and was very excited to learn more.

it wasn't until recently that i found out she wrote a book.  a cookbook...a PREPPER'S cookbook to be exact!  i heard all about it on Survival Mom Radio.  i listened to Tess's interview with Lisa and knew i had to have it.  as i listened to the broadcast, i was multi-tasking and purchasing her cookbook via amazon.  due to my prime member account, i was able to receive Tess's book in just 2 short days.  i got it today and was all smiles when the mailman handed me my amazon package. 

i didn't get a chance to actually sit down and look through the book until this evening. 


i am barely in chapter 2 and i have already underlined and highlighted multiple pages, bent corners and made notes to myself.

i stopped long enough to write a short but sweet blog post urging you to order her book.  it is so practical and to-the-point. 

the recipes look great and all her how-to info is a tremendous help to this beginner prepper.

so go out, buy it, order it...just get it!
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