dehydrating corn...

one of my favorite ways to preserve food is by dehydrating, it is simple and sooooo easy.  it requires very little work and even less effort.  well i guess i can't totally say it requires very little work because i guess it depends on what you are dehydrating.  
this time around i decided to dehydrate corn.  we love corn!  we love it a lot!  
i pulled it out of the freezer... 

laid it on the trays...

and turned on the dehydrator. 

in just 24 short hours this is what i had...

pretty simple huh?  no thought, no hard work...just dehydrated corn!

i like to oven can my dehydrated corn/veggies along with beans, rice, flour...whatever else we have in the basement.  if you have never oven canned must!  you can read about it here and here

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peace and love to you all!

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